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The groundhog said what?!?! Only 2 more weeks of winter!!

Posted on February 06 2013

This winter has been cold, and when I say cold, most of you in the northern part of the country scoff at what this South Carolina Girl considers cold, in all fairness, I checked our thermostat the other day and it said 60 degrees. That is right, I may live in a warm part of the country, but I believe my husband’s body is only comfortable at a temperature when I am wearing a blanket around the house to keep from shivering.

With the sun setting at 5:00 p.m. and the weather (inside my house and out) being chilly enough to want to stay under a blanket, it is hard when the workday is done to want to do anything other than curl up in a blanket on the couch and park myself there for the rest of the night. This February, I am making it my person goal not to sleep the month away, but to “Spring” into action early and get my house in tip-top style shape so when the spring and summer months hit, I will be happily enjoying the outdoors!

My first project will be my office. We just moved into our new house about 5 months ago, and I was thrilled to finally have a place I could work and keep organized, a cute place of my own. Very quickly, my beautiful space has turned into the junk room.




This ends today, for month of February; my office will be my new project. If you would like to follow my progress, you can do so here on a weekly basis, or on the Dwell Chic Pinterest Page:

Happy Early Spring, and thank you Mr. Groundhog for giving this girl a little inspiration to get her butt in gear!





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