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Apothecary Jars

Posted on August 08 2013

What are they? What the heck do I do with them? Why in the world are you selling them on this site?

In the Pinterest age, I thought these beautiful Apothecary glass jars were a no-brainer when I saw them at market and put them up on our site! However, I am learning that even with access to Pinterest a lot of people don't know what to do with these glass vessels that come in just about every shape and size you can imagine! It is overwhelming when there are too many options, so I thought I would show you a couple simple applications to use these jars!

The Bathroom

My favorite place for these little jars are in the bathroom. I think they can make ordinary items look extraordinary! I am a person who never has enough cabinet space in my bathroom, so these jars help with my never ending storage issues as well! I took one and put my hair-ties and clips in there for easy access, one has my nail polish collection, and one has my bath salts. They keep things looking nice, without taking up too much counter space!

The Kitchen

The second place I use my decorative set of jars is in the kitchen. When my family comes to town, everyone wakes up at different times, but we all tend to congregate in the kitchen for coffee in the morning. It is easier for the hostess and the guests if you have everything out and ready for their morning cup of joe, so they are not forced to go through your messy pantry! One jar holds the coffee, one jar has the sugar, and one is reserved for tea, creamers, stirrers or whatever else you guest might need for their morning kick-start!

The Nursery

Like you may have guessed from our Pinterest page or elsewhere, we have babies on the brain! That being said, our third application is in the little angel's nursery! Think about it: you buy a piece of furniture and an extra mattress just to change dirty diapers, why not class up the rest of the cleanup with some beautiful Apothecary Jars? In this nursery we used one jar for the pacifiers, one for q-tips, and one for any creams or ointments you may need for your little dear!

In Conclusion...

  • What are they? Decorative Jars that can serve a multitude of different options within your house
  • What the heck do I do with them? Anything, but if that answer is too overwhelming, see above!
  • Why in the world are you selling them on this site? We think they are the chicest vessels that can transform even the most mundane household goods!

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