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Cheese Knives In the Jungle


Entertaining has never been so elegant!

This gorgeous set of knives makes setting up the perfect posh party easy! Cheese knives are not one size fits all, and this set comes with 3 fabulous options.

From Top to Bottom:

  • The Chisel knife is used to cut soft cheeses like Blue and Gorgonzola(also helpful to chip away at the harder ones).
  • The Narrow Plane is perfect for the hard crumbly options like you Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • Last, but certainly not least in the pronged knife for cutting and slicing any soft cheese like Brie, the pronged edge is also perfect for picking up and serving.

Set of 3

Includes Chisel Knife, Soft Cheese Knife, Tear-Shaped Knife

Packaged on Backer Card with Gold Foil