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Pink Power Moves



Measuring 6" x 6", this custom acrylic on canvas piece features a all the vibrant pink hues.

Custom Piece By Artist Lauren Demosthenes


About the Artist:

Dr. Lauren Demosthenes is an obgyn whose current passion is improving the health of her community. She currently does this through educating and mentoring medical students at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville. Through her courses, she teaches students about substance use disorder and the value of community service organizations like Soteria. She is also immersed in improving maternity care through the use of technology, serving as the Senior Medical Director of Babyscripts, a digital maternity company.

To quiet her mind, she paints, makes jewelry and plays tennis. She is thrilled to offer her piece "Taking a New Road" - because that is what Soteria offers people who deserve a second chance.