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Pink and Strawberry red paper plates


Elevate your event aesthetics with our Pink and Strawberry Red Paper Plates. These vibrant, chic plates are not just for serving but a centerpiece of your decor. Engineered with high-grade paper, they ensure durability and stability for any delicacy.

A perfect blend of pink and strawberry red, these plates will complement your decor while offering a delightful dining experience. 😍 Ideal for parties, gatherings, or professional events.

They are eco-friendly and disposable, making after-party cleanups a breeze. 🍃

  • Size: Standard 9 inches diameter
  • Material: High-quality, food-grade paper
  • Care Instructions: Disposable, intended for single use
  • Quantity: Pack of 50 plates
  • Color: Pink and Strawberry Red
  • Special Feature: Eco-friendly and Biodegradable

Raise your event's bar with a touch of color and convenience! 🎉